Plush carpet in Colleyville, TXOf all the trendy floor coverings to choose from, sometimes traditional carpet is just what a space needs. It’s soft, cozy, and versatile, making it a popular option in Colleyville homes. Plush carpet is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to carpeting. This cut-pile carpet is smooth and velvety, and is a great choice for casual and formal rooms alike.

Benefits of Plush Carpet

When it comes to carpet, there is nothing softer than plush. The fibers on this carpet are cut to a smooth level height, and its dense construction makes it very cushiony underfoot. It’s a great option for bedrooms, family rooms, or any other area in the home where you like to kick off your shoes and relax. It’s also a great choice for more formal spaces since the smooth carpet looks clean and elegant.

Often referred to as saxony carpet, plush is a traditional option, and it’s typically what comes to mind when people think of wall-to-wall carpeting in a home. This makes it a great option for resale value as well.


While plush carpet is well loved for its soft surface, the fibers on this floor covering do have a tendency to crush under heavy furniture or high traffic, and this carpet will show footprints and vacuum tracks more readily than a textured or loop pile carpet. For these reasons, it may not be the best option for rooms that see a lot of activity. The dense, even fibers on a plush carpet also make it susceptible to staining. Spills can quickly penetrate the carpet, and homeowners should be ready to treat spots right away.

Plush carpet is available in a variety of colors, styles, and fibers, including wool, nylon, and other synthetic options. The fiber you select will directly impact the life and quality of this carpet. As with all flooring, knowing the habits and needs of your family will ensure you find the perfect floor covering for your Colleyville home.

If a soft and luxurious floor covering is what you’re looking for, then plush carpet might be the right option for your home. Our team at Floor Coverings International Southlake provides free in-home design consultations to help you review your options and find the perfect carpeting, or other flooring option, for your space.

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Photo by Annette Shaff