Learn more about your hardwood flooring options in Southlake

Hardwood flooring samples in Southlake, TXWith so many types of wood and finishes to choose from, hardwood flooring is an extremely versatile material for unique and impactful designs.

What’s really interesting?

There so many different wood species and grain patterns, no two hardwood floors are exactly the same.

Key Hardwood Features

  • Classic design impact
  • Can enhance property values
  • Extremely flexible designs
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Long-lasting floors

Hardwood Flooring Buying Guide

There are three features of hardwood flooring that you need to consider before as you choose a design for your renovation project:

  1. Hardness
  2. Finish
  3. Install Method


Hardwood flooring in a kitchen in Southlake, TXHardness is a measure of durability and is rated on the Janka Hardness Scale — a number rating that indicates how much force is required to damage the wood. The higher the number, the harder the wood is.

Lower numbers may work better in a residential space, indicating a surface that is more comfortable to stand and walk on.

A higher number may be better for commercial spaces where higher foot traffic is common.


The finish of your hardwood flooring can have an impact on both how your floors will look and how they will age.

There are several types of finishes that are resistant to spills or can transform the appearance of hardwood flooring, but the two major types can be broken down to oil-based and water-based.

While oil finishes are often more durable, they have a tendency to turn everything yellow. Water-based finishes offer a more natural look, but they can wear out sooner.

Install Method

How you install new floors can impact your design options.

For example, engineered hardwood floors are designed to simply “click” in place, but these are often pre-finished and come in a select number of styles. If you choose to use more raw materials, you’ll have more styling choices, but the install will take a lot longer.

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