Chevron Pattern Flooring Hardwood in Southlake, TXAre you a Southlake homeowner seeking the perfect hardwood floors? Floor Coverings International Southlake has a match for you. Our local Southlake services are backed by national buying power to ensure that you get the best hardwood flooring at the greatest value for your home.

We’re a locally operated business with an imaginative reach that is truly continental, and today we want to introduce you to French inspired chevron-patterned hardwood. We hope you’ll fall in love with chevron-patterned hardwood. Could this elegant style be a match for your hardwood flooring needs?

Pedigree Of A Pattern

Chevron flooring refers to an installation style in which hardwood panels meet at mitered angles (usually 45 degrees) to create a characteristic pattern of nested “V” shapes. This flooring design, which is a type of parquet, is a modern choice with a rich legacy. When you choose to install chevron hardwood, you connect your Southlake residence to a regal and decidedly European history.

The 18th century French nobility, famous for their trendsetting, turned chevron-patterned hardwood into an enduring style choice for wealthy Europeans. Stateside, chevron-patterned hardwood has recently become a popular option for modern homeowners who are looking for something that’s both unique and classic. Chevron flooring has especially strong ties to cosmopolitan Paris, where it was widely installed during a late 19th century period of large-scale urban renewal called the Haussmann era. Many Parisian residencies still boast these beautiful floors.

Fall In Love

From a design perspective, there are many reasons to fall in love with chevron-patterned hardwood. The diagonals used in Chevron hardwood are especially useful for lengthening the look of your room, while the striking “v” pattern adds drama. This type of hardwood is a good choice for homeowners who don’t have the budget for exotic hardwood varieties, but still want to create a lot of visual interest with their flooring.

Your chevron-patterned hardwood flooring is available in a variety of colors and finishes to perfectly match the interior of your Southlake home. Chevron-patterned hardwood is a visually captivating style of floor that is sure to impress your houseguests. Our team at Floor Coverings International Southlake would love to help you improve your home with Chevron-patterned hardwood flooring. Contact our team for a free in-home design consultation in the Southlake area.

Photo By Kutcenko Dmitry