The elegant aesthetic of hardwood is irresistible to Grapevine homeowners. But while everyone craves the natural look it offers, many are turned away by the price. Luckily, with the rise of flooring technology, there are more ways to get the hardwood look you want and still save money.

Vinyl has been a staple in homes since the 70s because it is an affordable, durable, and easily maintained material. After 50 years, it’s time we gave it a facelift. Floor Coverings International Southlake is here to tell you about luxury vinyl plank flooring and why it’s the best solution for your hardwood budgeting problem.

Wood Look Vinyl Installation in Grapevine

What is it?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is everything you love about vinyl with the look you desire from hardwood. Vinyl is made of a synthetic material called Polyvinyl chloride which is easy to produce and will keep the cost of your new floors low. The vinyl is then printed with an image of whichever hardwood variety you’d like on the uppermost layer. This high definition image can mimic the subtleties and unique grain distinctions of traditional and popular hardwood choices. Your guests will be wowed by the look of your new floors and shocked when you tell them it’s not even real hardwood!

Wood Vinyl Tile BathroomWhat’s the catch?

There are no tricks or gimmicks with wood-look vinyl. It will look like the real thing and you just need to treat it like vinyl, which can be even easier than hardwood. Make a regular cleaning routine, but don’t stress about minor spills because it’s incredibly easy to maintain. Vinyl is more moisture resistant than hardwood and can even be placed in your bathroom. You can transform your master bath into a spa with an earthy wood-look vinyl plank flooring!

Vinyl will be softer underfoot than hardwood and will last you the lifetime of your home if taken care of properly. It’s not possible to refinish your floors like you can with hardwood, but if a section of your vinyl is damaged, it’s easy to replace the planks with the same images.

When can I install it?

Contact your local flooring experts at [franchise_location name] to ask for a free consultation and estimate in your Grapevine home. We will bring our samples and walk you through the installation process and maintenance of your wood-look vinyl flooring. If you are interested in learning more about vinyl, give us a call today!

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