Starting a new flooring project can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing which type of flooring you want. For homeowners looking for carpet, the options seem endless with the different styles, textures, colors, and fibers available. Floor Coverings International Southlake is here to tell you about one style in particular: nylon. Read on to learn more about this popular carpeting choice.

Nylon Carpet Styles in Southlake


Nylon is a synthetic carpet material that is produced for durable, versatile, and affordable flooring. Nylon carpets are practically customizable with the amount of different styles you can choose from. Generally, the look of nylon carpet will depend on the density of the carpet pile. There are uniform cut varieties for an elegant look as well as textured carpets that are better for busy households. Nylon is very absorbent and readily accepts dye to match any existing décor or desired aesthetic in your home. Keller homes can’t go wrong with nylon, and every carpet has the potential to look unique and personal.


Even though it is highly absorbent of dyes, nylon carpet is both moisture and stain resistant. You don’t have to worry about your carpet developing mold or mildew, and it is even possible to install nylon carpeting in some outdoor areas! The nylon fibers are exceptionally strong and won’t become torn, crushed, or discolored. Some carpets are prone to showing track marks from foot traffic or vacuuming, but nylon won’t. We highly recommend this carpet style for busy households or families with children and pets.

Keep in mind, no carpeting is impenetrable and stains can occur if not taken care of quickly. Ensure that you have the correct cleaning products beforehand and don’t let spills sit. However, there are precautionary solutions you can take. Speak with us about applying stain treatments and Stainmaster carpets.


Nylon is sturdy and durable but will still be soft underfoot. Consider nylon for spaces that see a lot of activity such as living room or children’s rooms. It will stand up to everyday wear and tear but also be comfortable to relax on. The biggest benefit is the amount of styles and colors that nylon comes in. For any room, style, and home, nylon is a great choice.

To look at samples of this versatile, durable, and affordable carpet, call us today! Floor Coverings International Southlake will bring the samples to your Keller home in our mobile showroom. Schedule a consultation today and get $200 off your next flooring project.

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