coir fiber carpet loom SouthlakeBecause natural fibers have become popular for carpet flooring and area rugs in recent years, there are a huge variety of materials for Southlake homeowners to choose from. And yes, we all love having plenty of options – but when you’re stuck trying to figure out the difference between sisal and sea grass, or coir and jute, it’s natural to feel a little frustration.

That’s why the carpet experts at Floor Coverings International Southlake have assembled this helpful rundown of one the lesser-known natural carpet fibers: coir. Read on to learn about this unique fiber and to see if it might be right for your home.

What is Coir Carpeting?

Coir (pronounced “core” or “coy-er” depending on who you ask) is a natural plant fiber that comes from coconut husks. Whencoir mats for flooring Southlake people talk about coir, they’re usually referring to the brown fibers from ripe coconuts.

Many cultures have used coir since ancient times to build rope, floor coverings, bedding, and brushes. This incredible material is prized for its abrasion resistance and its curious waterproofness. Being one of the only natural fibers that is resistant to saltwater, coir has also been a staple material among seafarers for centuries.

Nowadays, India produces and consumes most of the 250,000 annual tons of coir. Recently, coir has garnered the attention of environmentally conscious consumers and designers because of its raw, natural look and affordability.

Why Use Coir for Carpet?

Still relatively unknown outside of the flooring industry because of the popularity of other eco-friendly materials (e.g. bamboo, wool, and cork), coir features a host of benefits for Southlake homeowners who are looking for a unique, affordable flooring option.

  • Extreme abrasion resistance is perfect for high traffic areascoir carpet looms Southlake
  • Natural water resistance
  • Temperature and noise insulation
  • Far less expensive than other natural fibers like wool
  • Low maintenance – just give it the occasional vacuum
  • Happy conscience: coir is renewable and has a small environmental footprint
  • Distinctive, homespun look contrasts modern features
  • Neutral color of the fibers opens up design possibilities

Get Started Today

[fanchise_location_name] is proud to work with some of the best suppliers in the industry so that we can offer you responsibly sourced materials. If you think coir might fit in with your design and budget goals, contact us today to get started! We serve the greater Southlake, Colleyville, Keller, Grapevine area, and we’re happy to bring our mobile showroom straight to you for a free, in-home consultation. Give us a call!

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