prefinished hardwood flooring in southlakePrefinished hardwood flooring is a great option for Keller residents that are installing new hardwoods in their home or office. Learn how prefinished flooring can save you time and money from the experts at Floor Coverings International Southlake.

About Prefinished Hardwoods

Prefinished hardwood flooring is solid hardwood that comes pre-sanded, stained and sealed. The alternative is site-finished hardwood, which is installed unfinished and completed on site. Since prefinished flooring is ready to be walked on, the installation time is minimal and often less expensive than site-finished floors.

Site-finished hardwoods need to be cured for a number of days, and the chemicals used in the process typically require the homeowners to leave the property for the duration of the curing. The time, mess and costs associated with this leads many homeowners to opt for prefinished floors.

Pros and Cons of Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished hardwoods present a number of benefits. In addition to potential time and cost savings, flooring that is finished in the factory is super durable and often comes with an extended warranty up to 25 years. The factory-applied finish is more powerful than anything that could be applied in the home, and therefore the flooring is extra tough.

The drawback to a super durable finish is the difficulty in sanding the boards down and refinishing them in the future. In some cases, it’s not possible to refinish prefinished boards, and the planks need to be replaced all together.

Another drawback to prefinished flooring is more of a concern for home renovators. It’s not typically possible to match prefinished flooring to existing floorboards. If you want to match or repair existing hardwoods, site-finished flooring is your best option.

Finally, prefinished flooring is best installed over a perfectly level subfloor. When floorboards are sanded down and finished on site, the installers can typically hide these imperfections. However, since prefinished flooring cannot be sanded, any unevenness in the flooring will be visible on the surface.

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about hardwood flooring, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Southlake. We will come to you with our mobile showroom to help you find the perfect flooring in the comfort of your own home or office.

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