cleaning tile in SouthlakeTile is durable and easy to maintain. This makes it a popular choice for several applications including on floors, walls, and countertops. One challenge with tile, however, is maintaining its grout. Generally, grout needs to be replaced before the tile pieces themselves. Also, grout requires additional attention while cleaning, but this is often overlooked. Read on for some basic advice from the team at Floor Coverings International Southlake regarding proper tile and grout maintenance.

Cleaning Tile

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Cleaning tile can be a fairly simple process. Every few days sweep your floors with a broom or dust mop. Or vacuum your floors if you have a vacuum with a parquet attachment or hard floor setting. This prevents dirt and debris from scuffing or scratching the surface of your tiles. For further cleaning, mop once a week. And for tile walls, wipe them down using water and a mild detergent. For situations where you want to use a stronger disinfectant, like for pet accidents or in bathrooms, just make sure to use products that are recommended for your specific tile type.

Use Caution When Cleaning Natural Stone

Compared to ceramic, porcelain, and glass, natural stone requires more caution while cleaning. Materials such as granite and travertine are porous, and certain solutions can damage the surface. These stone tiles need to be properly sealed during installation to prevent staining and water damage. If a cleaning solution is too abrasive or too acidic or alkaline, it can wear away at the sealant. To prevent this, always use cleaners specially formulated for your specific stone product. Also, make sure to have your tile resealed every few years to keep it protected.

Cleaning Grout

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Cleaning your tile surface regularly as described above will also clean the grouting, but occasionally special attention should be paid to cleaning the grout itself. Use a bristled brush, such as a tile brush or toothbrush, to scrub in the grout lines for a deep clean. It is often enough to just wet the area and scrub the grout; then wipe away dirt and grime with a cloth. If you haven’t done this in a while, you may be surprised with how much dirt and debris comes up during this process.

Since tiling grout is a cement-based product, it is porous and susceptible to staining. If you try cleaning with a tile brush, but your grout remains discolored, then the stain has sunk into the pores. Bleaching the grout lines can rectify this. Several store-bought solutions exist for deep cleaning grout, or you can try a homemade solution.

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