pets best flooring SouthlakeReady to start a new flooring project, but not sure what will hold up against your dog, cat, lizard, rabbit, parrot, pig, or tiny horse? The experts at Floor Coverings International Southlake are here today to look into the best types of flooring for pet owners. Before we dive in, let’s lay out the criteria that determine whether a material is suitable for pet owners:

  • Must withstand scratching, scuffing, scraping, or tearing
  • Easy to clean in case of accidents, pet hair, or dirt/debris tracked in
  • Comfortable for your pet to lay around on

The Best of the Best for the Pets

  1. Luxury Vinyl Tilesbest pet flooring Southlake

    Extraordinarily easy to clean, resistant to water and scratching, and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances (including hardwood, stone, and other looks), luxury vinyl tile (LVT) should be one of your very first considerations. These tiles are durable and comfortable underfoot. You and your pets will be happy with the low maintenance and attractive look of LVT.

  2. Tile & Stone

    Tile flooring such as ceramic, marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite, and slate are serious contenders for pet owners because they’re extremely easy to clean and can withstand high traffic and heavy wear. Not only are these materials natural and easy to design with, they’re probably the sturdiest floor coverings you can choose. And if disaster does strike, you can always replace the affected tile, saving you time and money.

  3. Hardwood

    If you really want to be safe, choose a hardwood with a Janka rating above 1,200 (white oak, maple, hickory, and Brazilian cherry are good). Hardwood is classic and easy to clean, but it’s more sensitive to water. Be sure you know how to properly clean your hardwood floors if you have pets.

Learn Morebest flooring for pets Southlake

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