carpet repair and restretching, southlake, txA sagging, unattractive carpet doesn’t always need to be replaced. In fact, there may be a fairly simple solution. If your carpet is wrinkled or sagging, here are some tips from the team at Floor Coverings International Southlake to help bring it back to life.

Restretching a Carpet

Carpets can get stretched out for a variety of reasons: over-cleaning, high amounts of traffic, the wrong type of padding, or simply old age. Regardless, when your carpet begins to wrinkle or sag, it can often be restretched. In the right conditions, restretching can make a carpet look new again.

If your carpet is under ten years old, it’s very likely that it can be restretched. It may have been installed incorrectly to begin with, or it could have very plush padding underneath. When your carpet becomes loose and wrinkled, it’s generally because wear has slowly warped the underlying fabric. By tightening the fabric once again, you can remove most of the unsightly wrinkles.

Carpet that only has wrinkles in a single area, on the other hand, may not be able to be restretched. This frequently happens due to localized damage, such as standing water. Regardless of how tight the carpet is pulled, it will either still have a loose area or the rest of the carpet will be under too much tension. If your carpet has experienced water damage or has other irreparable flaws, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Consider the Carpet Padding

If you have determined that your carpet is a good candidate for restretching, you may want to consider also replacing the padding. If your padding is very plush (thick), it may be contributing to the early wear of your carpet. If your padding is thinner in the center, it may already be worn through. This means that your carpet will still look sunken at the center, even after it’s restretched. A medium-thick, firm pad is usually the best type of support for a carpet to ensure that it lasts a long time.

Carpet Restretching Process

Carpet restretching should usually be left to the professionals. The process begins by removing the baseboards and pulling the carpet up from the tack strips. The carpet is then pulled taut again and the excess is precisely cut away. If the stretched carpet is cut too much, or if the carpet is cut unevenly, it will need to be patched, and that could lead to an unattractive and inconsistent look around the walls. Once the carpet has been cut successfully, it is then reattached to the tack strips and the baseboards are replaced.

If your carpet is in good condition, restretching it could add years to its life. In fact, carpet can generally be restretched indefinitely as long as the carpet itself is still in good shape. But if your carpet is already faded, fraying, or worn through in places, a restretching may just make the situation worse. The professionals at Floor Coverings International Southlake can help you determine the condition of your carpet. Get in touch for a free in-home consultation!

Photo by Andrey Popov