Looking to add some warmth and charm to your home? Hand-scraped hardwood is an elegant way to do so. Not entirely sure what hand-scraped hardwood is or what makes it such a great option for Southlake homeowners? Here’s a beginner’s guide to from the team at Floor Coverings International Southlake that covers the basics. We love hand-scraped hardwood and we think you will too!

What is Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

Handscraped hardwood flooring in Southlake

This style of hardwood is a modern take on a historic craft. The use of wood flooring in homes dates back centuries, before heavy machinery that now allows us to cut, sand, and even out discrepancies between planks. Back then, craftsmen used knifes to scrape and smooth hardwood floors. Each plank was done by hand and became its own work of art.

Today, hand-scraped floors can be made by hand or by machine. However, many homeowners still opt for a local craftsman to hand-scrape their floors. Much like a painter has their own style, each craftsman has their own technique for achieving that perfectly worn look. They’ll use chisels and hammers to recreate natural-looking indentations as well as resins and stains to mimic sap and natural color variations in the wood.   

Why Should I Choose Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

Hand-scraped hardwood floors do more than just add character to a house. They are incredibly functional too! Worried about how hardwood floors will endure scruffs and scratches from kids and pets? A hand-scraped hardwood will actually mask that everyday wear and tear. These floors can come in solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, giving you even more options for durability.

There’s something enchanting about knowing your floor has received such a level of detailed attention from a craftsman. To know that each scrape was made with purpose will give you a sense of appreciation every time you look at your new floors. To learn more about hand-scraped hardwood floors, reach out to the team at Floor Coverings International Southlake. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring solution for your Southlake home.

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