carpet flooring southlakeNew carpeting is a significant investment, and our Southlake customers often ask us for advice on how to maintain it. At Floor Coverings International Southlake, we provide expert advice; not just on flooring purchase and installation, but also on how to best care for your new flooring. Here are four tips to ensure your carpets stay in tip-top shape:

1. Choose the best carpet for each space.

It is important to consider the use and unique characteristics of each room when selecting a carpet. A luxurious wool carpet can add a warm, soft feel to a living room. For entryways, a strong, durable nylon carpet is a great option. Darker carpets are a great idea for areas of the home where high foot-traffic is expected.

2. Take preventative measures to keep your carpet clean.

Stop the spread of dirt at its source: shoes. Invest in a doormat and ask guests to remove their shoes before making themselves at home. This will help halt the spread of dirt from outside and keep your floors looking beautiful. If you have pets, be sure to thoroughly clean their paws with a pet-safe disinfecting wipe to remove anything they’ve picked up from outside, especially if it’s raining.

3. Clean messes quickly and effectively.

When spills occur, clean them immediately. Many carpeting materials act like sponges, absorbing your recently spilled wine, coffee, or finger-paint into its fibers. Use a spray bottle to mist the affected area, diluting the mess. Then, place a towel over the spill and allow it to absorb, replacing the towel when it becomes saturated. It is very important not to apply too much pressure, as this can further force staining substances into your carpet fibers. If water alone does not remove the stain, try a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar.

4. Vacuum and deep clean your carpet regularly.

This can do wonders for your carpets. Very few homeowners vacuum as much as they should. According to carpet cleaning experts, most spaces should be vacuumed at least once per week. Vacuuming removes dirt and sediment from your carpet before it is smeared and pressed into the fibers by our feet. Carpets should also be deep cleaned by a professional every year, or even more frequently depending on the size of your family.

Looking to learn more about your carpeting? Floor Coverings International Southlake is committed to helping you find the perfect carpet for your home. Call today to speak with one of our flooring specialists.

Photo © Andrey_Popov