Wall-to-wall carpet in Southlake, TXMany homeowners in the Southlake, Colleyville, Keller, Grapevine area opt to tear out old carpet and replace it with a hardwood, laminate or tile option. While there are many benefits to hard-surface flooring, there is a lot to love about wall-to-wall carpeting, too.

Our team at Floor Coverings International Southlake has gathered the top five reasons why you should consider carpet for your next flooring project.

1. Comfort

There is no denying the comfort of carpet. It’s warm and soft underfoot, and it is the ideal floor covering for bedrooms, family rooms, and any other area of the home where you like to kick back and relax. Carpet is also a natural insulator, muffling noise throughout the house.

2. Safety

If you have pets, small children, or an elderly person living in your home, the safety benefits of carpet are an important consideration. Carpet can help protect your family from slips and falls. And it provides a cushioned landing should an accident occur. Carpet is also more forgiving on the joints, which is a benefit for people and pets alike.

3. Versatility

Carpet is the ultimate in design versatility. There are numerous pile and fiber options, such as the ever-popular wool Berber carpet or the durable nylon plush variety. Carpet also comes in limitless color and pattern options, really allowing you to express your personality in the home.

4. Maintenance

It is true that carpet can trap dirt, allergens, and other impurities. It is also prone to mold and mildew when exposed to moisture. However, carpet is super easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis. A quick turn with the vacuum can have your carpet looking new again, and many styles, such as frieze, will help hide dirt and debris. Replacing carpet is also relatively easy and affordable, which brings us to our final benefit…

5. Cost

Depending on the style and fiber you select, carpet is still one of the most affordable flooring options available. If your home needs a facelift on a budget, carpet can be a great way to update a space without breaking the bank.

Contact Floor Coverings International Southlake to learn more about the varieties of carpet available today. We’ll come to you with our mobile showroom to help you find the perfect carpet for your Southlake home!

Photo by Artazum